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so one morning one of my guy friends randomly told me that there was this guy checking me out, the next day i saw a cute boy and asked my classmate if he knew his name and he said he had him for a class and that his name was the name my friend informed me about. anyways, i told my bestfriend about him and just yesterday she talked to him/his group of friends and she told me that he was asking for my number. i see him ever so often now and sometimes i use my perefferal vision ┬áto see if he’s looking at me and i have a strong feeling that he does. anyways, SOMEONE MESSAGE ME and tell if you think he likes me or is checking me out. I NEED ADVICE !!!!!!!!!!

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  1. theweekndxo4life said: Obviously he likes you when he is talking about you and asking for your number :) :) If he was only checking you out he wouldn’t ask your friend for your number :)
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